Thursday, August 16, 2007


I'm impressed. I just spent the morning at the ATLAS building on the campus of CU checking out presentations of several of the companies that are participating in TechStars. A program begun by David Cohen with help from Brad Feld, Jared Polis and David Brown - and the support of the local entrepreneurial community - including entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capital firms - TechStars rocks.

This morning's presentations included Eventvue, Intense Debate, SocialThing, J-Squared Media, MadKast and Searchtophone. One of the remarkable things about these presentations was how consistently good they were. Not that there were no holes or flaws. But we're talking in most cases about two or three founders/entrepreneurs working their tails off for the past three or four months and coming up with results that are quite extraordinary. Kudos to the entrepreneurs. Kudos to David Cohen and the rest of the mentors and support that made this possible. I figure David Cohen must be exhausted.

Another amazing thing that seemed to impress everyone in the room that was a little older than 40: wow, these folks are really young! One friend, another entrepreneur, remarked, "I feel old. And expensive."

Finally, I'm quite stunned at the traction that at least one of the companies has been able to generate through its Facebook application. J-Squared Media reports revenues of $30K a month. They are already cash flow positive.

Again, congratulations to the entrepreneurs and to David Cohen et al. for putting all this together and pulling it off! And now I've got to go, I'm late to the afternoon session!

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