Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Music 2.0 Meetup in NYC

Amie Street is presenting tonight at the Music 2.0 Meetup in NYC (Spreading Music Enjoyment Through Technology). Abby Schneiderman, Anthony Volodkin (founder and creator of The Hype Machine), Art Chang, Dick Huey, Taylor
McKnight (Hype Machine), Jordan Garbis, Juliette Powell, Myles Grosovsky and Phil
Schuster are inviting their tech, music, and VC friends to join us for an
evening of Music 2.0: Spreading Music Enjoyment Through Technology.
Their friend Drew Lipsher, a Partner at Greycroft
Partners has agreed to emcee. (They say that Drew is the only VC they know who is a
former label exec (Universal).)

Short presentations are expected from companies working on spreading our passion for music via the
Internet: Amie Street, Haystack Media, Hype Machine, Tourfilter and

Ted Guggenheim and I have signed up to attend, and I think our friends from Spotify.com, Daniel Ek and Niklas Ivarsson, may show up as well.

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