Sunday, January 27, 2008

Guitar Fridays

Every Friday - well, almost every Friday - after doing what people at tech startups do, a bunch of us at iggli head over to my studio space in Boulder and kick out the jams. So far we've "covered" (some might say "butchered," but we're definitely improving) Interstate Love Song, Plush, Black Dog, Layla, and even Chameleon.

We're probably having too much fun. Actually, I can't believe how good these folks are. Sam does a mean Robert Plant imitation on Black Dog. Aaron rips the bass and does a creditable job of pretending to be John Bonham on the famous Zep tune. Dehru's shreds that guitar. And Stephen is transformed when we play from mild mannered reporter to guitar god.

Ted wasn't present for this session, but he's a damned good drummer!

So, when they're not playing great music, Sam, Aaron and Stephen blog for iggli. Dehru's an iggli developer/engineer and Ted is iggli's VP Finance and Business Development.

Great fun.

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samantha von x said...

Haha, thanks for the compliments and the mention, Tom! I'm having so much fun, too!