Monday, January 28, 2008

QTrax Debacle

This is not exactly what you'd want to do when you launch your music service. At first glance, this looks really amazing. Who isn't going to be impressed by 25 million tracks? Free!!! And all entirely legal, blessed by the major record labels.

Evidently not. At least not yet. In a story that is still unfolding, a number of news outlets today reported that several of the music labels are confirming that they have not yet signed deals with Qtrax, including Universal, SONY / BMG, EMI and Warner Music Group. Let's see, are there any major labels left? Nope.

Music Labels Say No Deal with Qtrax says the Reuters headline.
Qtrax Debut on Hold Amid Licensing Snag says the Associated Press.
Another undo: Qtrax's deal with all the major labels. Make that none.
If all press is good press, well, no problem. If not, well, Qtrax is in deep shit. Ah, but you'd never know it from their site. In fact, it looks healthier today than it did the day they made their announcement. But the major labels aren't just raining on this parade. They're pulling the plug on it. At least for now. Stay tuned.

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