Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I'm back. Oh. Didn't notice my absence? Well, that's rather understandable. It's been a long time since my last post.

I'm going to try something a bit different. I'm going to post for the next five days straight. Today is Tuesday, the 22nd of January. So, today through Sunday the 27th, I'm planning to post every day. Hell, I may even post a few times a day. And the point? I need to reestablish my blogging routine. And now is a particularly good time. Things here at iggli are kicking into high gear. I'm beginning to raise a substantial round of capital. Beyond that, I'm selling the house in Maine, and other than that I'm focused on technology and digital distribution in the music industry, the renovation of our home in Boulder (while we continue to lease from our dear friends, Howard and Elizabeth), our kids - 3 of 4 are currently in college - and the future (including a world in which George W. Bush is no longer President of the US).

So why the blog title "Transparency?"

I had a great meeting yesterday with a friend, a fellow entrepreneur who is in a remarkably similar situation. He and I both have consumer-oriented startups. Each of us has had significant entrepreneurial experience in the past. Each of us has enjoyed substantial success in our previous tech ventures. And each of us currently faces a huge set of challenges moving forward.

We each have companies; employees; a substantial vision of our product/service. As we talked about our respective circumstances, the conversation began to encompass the blogs that each of us maintains (or, in my case, fails to maintain). I asked if he was blogging about his company. He responded (as I might have) that it was difficult to blog when things are, well, difficult.

I understand completely. And I also realize (as I suspect he does) that the things that are difficult are the most interesting to anyone reading the blog.

Sooooo. In the interest of transparency and gerating a little interest, I've decided that I will err on the side of full disclosure. And begin to talk about what's actually happening here. I suspect that will be far more interesting to most people than posts of the the views from my NYC hotel rooms.

More tomorrow . . .

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