Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boulder Beta 1.0 - I bought my ticket


A friend of mine, Tim Falls, has been working hard to promote a new Boulder-based event, Boulder Beta. I've already purchased my ticket, and you should plan to attend too if you're interested in the Boulder startup community. Companies demoing that night include BlipSnips, Deliverss, Forkly, OneTrueFan, Orbotix, Printfection, RainMaker +, Torbit.

Check out Tim's blog about the event

And if you're really interested, you can join me and others who are becoming "co-promoters" of the event, by retweeting about the event:

If you'd like to simply send a RT, then please do so by retweeting this: 

Here's a copy of Tim's message enlisting support for the event. 

Hello - 

I'm sending this email to a number people - all of whom I'm confident won't shun me for spamming them, because its purpose is in the interest of making *our* community more awesome. 

I've been working on organizing a new event to serve the entrepreneurial community in Boulder/Denver. I may or may not have already mentioned this to you. You may or may not have played a role in shaping its format and/or content (if you did, thanks!). 

As of today, things are all ready to go, and I'd like to ask a big favor of you:
Please help me promote Boulder Beta and make it awesome for all. 

 - Here is my blog post explaining the event:

 - Here is the EventBrite page for registration

 - Here is the twitter account associated with the event:

Anything you can do to help spread the word would be much appreciated. 

Thanks for your support...I hope to see you there!

Tim Falls


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