Friday, April 29, 2011

No One Knows Anything (Part 2)

"No one knows anything."

A friend of mine, an entrepreneur, shared the statement above as a pivotal insight he'd gleaned after talking to a number of people in his industry. It captured my attention becuase it is so very much on the money and is very much consistent with my own experience. But here's why it seemed to be true in his case: he and his team had spent an enormous amount of time thinking about and working on their particular product. They had managed to focus on something and pour over the details of something so thoroughly that they came to understand it in an entirely different way. 

Now I should point out here that my friend and his team actually failed in their initial attempts at creating a company. But they came back from this failure to create something particularly powerful. And by the time they had begun to deliver their offering to the market, they'd heard the same customer questions hundreds of times. Not only that. They also gathered information from far more sources than most. So the reason no one knew anything is pretty straightforward: my friend and his team had become the experts. 

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